5 Reasons To Schedule A Dental Cleaning Today

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1. Protect Your Gums It’s not only acute dental caries that can damage a tooth until it is beyond saving. Gum disease that leads to bone loss is just as dangerous. Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque that creates pockets of infection between the gums and tooth roots. This leads to periodontitis,…

Six 10-Second Healthy Tooth Helps

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Improving your oral hygiene doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, you can establish a new habit to benefit your oral health in 10 seconds. Here are 6 easy ways to add vital dental care to each day in 60 seconds or less. Find a good place for your toothbrush. Look around.…

Danger Zone! 5 Signs Of Gum Disease For Addison

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Here is some important news for Dallas residents: Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a major cause of tooth loss among adults. Fortunately, this problem is easy to treat if it is caught in the early stages. So, what should Addison dental patients be looking for? 1. Gums that bleed very easily 2. Gums that…

When Bad Breath Terrifies: 4 Tips

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“My neighbor’s bad breath is scaring me.” Do you live in Addison, Texas, or nearby? Bad breath isn’t just a problem for careless brushers in Dallas and Addison. Your neighbors can spend all day brushing their teeth and still come out with bad breath. But why? I’m Maricarmen Ramirez, DMD with The Addison Dentist, in business since 2005.…

The Addison Dentist Guide To Preventing Gum Disease

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Hearing that you have periodontal disease or “gum disease” can be upsetting. Here at The Addison Dentist in Addison, Texas, we are committed to educating and assisting patients in preventing gum disease. If you discover that you already have gum disease, don’t despair. We can help. Symptoms of Gum Disease Bleeding gums Swollen, tender gums…

Dallas Parents Need To Know The Importance Of Baby Teeth!

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Today’s Addison children’s dental blog focuses on the issue of caring for baby teeth. Why would you take care of something that’s just going to fall out and be given to the tooth fairy? It’s a good question and it has a even better answer. Addison parents shouldn’t feel like they are wasting their time…

Crooked Teeth And Cavities

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Many dental patients in and around Dallas hold the belief that orthodontists only change the look of your teeth. Consequently, they think that the only reason to find an orthodontist in the Addison area is if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry. The fact is that your ability to clean your teeth is enhanced when…

Keep Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, your oral health may be the last thing on your mind. However, many Dallas women experience an increase in dental problems during pregnancy. This article contains important information for expectant Addison mothers and those planning to become pregnant. Dr. Rao recommends having a thorough dental cleaning early in your pregnancy. Lying…

An Air-dried Toothbrush Is A Healthy Toothbrush, Dallas

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An Air-dried Toothbrush Is A Healthy Toothbrush Dallas

Today in our Addison dental blog we will highlight some of the simple things you can do with your toothbrush to keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible. One of the most important habits Dallas residents can form is to always allow their toothbrush to completely air dry between uses. The best way…