Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings in Addison help patients detect mouth cancer early.

Detect Mouth Cancer Early in Addison and Farmers Branch

Oral cancer does not always receive quite as much media attention as some of the other bigger name cancers, but each year 30,000 patients are diagnosed with some form of mouth cancer. Half of the patients diagnosed die within five years.

We want our patients to have exceptional dental health. At The Addison Dentist we recommend that each of our patients is checked for oral cancer at least once a year. When oral cancer has been diagnosed, early detection is the key to saving a patient’s life.

How We Screen for Oral Cancer

Some common oral cancer symptoms include:

  • Sores that heal slower than normal.
  • A white or reddish patch in the mouth.
  • Dentures have stopped fitting properly.
  • Pain in the jaw or tongue.
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing.
  • Feeling like something is caught in the throat, even before a meal.
  • Lumps in the lining of your mouth.
  • Loose teeth.
  • A sore throat that isn’t attributed to any other cause.

Mouth cancer can be treated better with early detection near Farmers Branch.These symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have mouth cancer, but if you are experiencing them, you may want to come in for an oral cancer screening. An oral cancer screening used to be performed by hand. The dentist would look and feel the tissue around the mouth to check for abnormalities. Now at The Addison Dentist you can take advantage of ViziLite.


ViziLite is a state-of-the-art oral cancer screening procedure that detects mouth cancer better than ever before because it can detect mouth cancer earlier than any other method.

ViziLite is an oral rinse combined with a unique light that helps detect abnormalities. At The Addison Dentist, we will screen you for oral cancer using both the traditional and technological methods. When our patients leave our office, we make sure that they can feel comfortably healthy.

Protect Your Health with an Oral Cancer Screening in Addison!

If you have oral cancer, an early screening can make all the difference. Feel secure in your own mouth. Help us fight oral cancer. To find out more about ViziLite or to schedule an appointment, get in contact with our office today. An early screening could save your life!

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