General Dentistry

Dr. Nobles offers general dentistry in Addison to protect his patients' oral health.

Partner with Your General Dentist in Addison

Having a great relationship with a general dentistry doctor who understands you, your oral health, and dental hygiene goals can help you achieve your oral health and dental hygiene goals.

At The Addison Dentist, family dentist Dr. Nobles and his amazing team know you are as important as your teeth and that oral health and dental hygiene are a lifetime affair. Understanding you, your oral health and dental hygiene, and what you want is our primary general dentistry goal.

Together we can design a general dentistry and dental hygiene plan with options to fit your goals and financial budget, so you can have your healthiest, most beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

Lifetime oral health and dental hygiene care is not just about taking care of your teeth for a lifetime; it is about having a professional general dentistry doctor who will stay up-to-date with the latest options and keep you informed. Your dentist will keep you on track with your goals and watch out for your overall health. We also service the Farmers Branch area.

General Dentistry Services We Offer:

Gum Disease Treatment | Gum disease is far more prevalent than you may think and can cause serious damage to your oral health. Having excellent dental hygiene is one way to combat gum disease. We will partner with you to make sure your oral health is all it can be, so you may never develop gum disease.

Regular teeth cleanings can prevent gum disease.Tooth Extractions | If you have a loose tooth or need a tooth extracted for any reason, we can help. We also offer dental sedation for our patients who have dental anxiety.

Root Canals | Root canals aren’t the painful, drawn-out procedure they once were. The Addison Dentist can help you if you have a toothache or other issue that requires a root canal.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction | If you need your wisdom teeth removed, call today! Dr. Nobles is happy to help you with this.

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