Sedation Dentistry In Addison For Kids And Parents

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Sedation Dentistry In Addison For Kids And Parents

At The Addison Dentist we know that many Addison children are afraid of going to the dentist. The dental team at The Addison Dentist want to make your child’s first visit to our Addison TX general dentistry practice a positive experience. Regular dental check-ups from toddler age are an essential part of oral health.

Texas parents can follow these guidelines to help prepare their child for a dental visit.

1. Talk about the exam with your child. Answer any questions with uncomplicated answers.
2. Don’t share your bad dental experiences with your child.
3. Don’t imply that the exam will be painful.
4. Help your child understand that this is an important part of staying healthy.
5. Don’t offer a reward for visiting the dentist.

It is important for parents to make sure they aren’t anxious about general dentistry visits because children can sense their stress.

At The Addison Dentist we have been treating children and adults since 2005. Our professional, friendly staff can calm the nerves of a fearful child and help them have a gentle dental experience.

If you or your Addison child has had a bad dental experience or is unable to stay calm while visiting the dentist, ask us about sedation dentistry. We want all of our patients to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving excellent dental care.

For simple dental procedures topical anesthetics are applied to the gums and other tissues reducing oral sensation. If you require more sedation, nitrous oxide and general anesthesia are safe solutions.

The Addison Dentist also offers complete smile makeovers which may include dental implants, teeth whitening, dental veneers, or any other cosmetic dental procedures required. All of these can be done with some type of sedation.

Don’t let your fears or your child’s fears keep your child from having a beautiful, healthy smile. Contact The Addison Dentist at
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