Whitening vs Bleaching At The Addison Dentist In Addison

Teeth Whitening vs Bleaching In Addison TX

Addison TX teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry service that The Addison Dentist provides in-office or through a take home kit. Results vary, but most patients experience significant lightening that lasts up to a year. Our Addison TX teeth whitening clients affirm that a whiter smile boosts self confidence and can take years of…

Remake Your Addison Smile With Bonding And Shaping

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Cosmetic Dentistry Addison TX

Hello friends of The Addison Dentist! When you think about getting into shape, your teeth are probably not the first body parts that come to mind. But your Addison TX cosmetic dentist may be able to improve your smile with bonding and enamel shaping, and you won’t even have to join a gym! I’m Dr.…