Treatment For Stress-Induced Jaw Pain In Addison

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Treatment For Stress Induced TMD Pain In Addison

Everyday aggravators cause many Addison people to respond by clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth. For example, daily commuting in Dallas can take a physical toll. All the traffic, noise, and perpetual road construction causes some people to grind their teeth as they navigate the sea of cars. Some Addison folks who hate waiting…

Addison TMJ Treatment

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Addison TMJ Treatment

Are you one of the many Addison TMJ sufferers? If you are affected by Temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder, you know how the tooth pain and discomfort can impact your life. The Addison Dentist in Addison TX has helped countless grateful cosmetic dentistry patients manage their TMJ disorder. The Temporomandibular or jaw joint connects the lower jaw bone to…

Is Malocclusion Causing Your Headache?

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TMJ Treatment In Addison TX

Are you an Addison TX adult who suffers with chronic headaches? Have you tried Imitrex, diet adjustments, and chiropractic treatment? Perhaps the cause is not stress-induced tension, spine alignment or eyestrain. Maybe the culprit is right under your nose. Bite misalignment or malocclusion is a common Addison TX problem that often goes undetected. Nature intended…

Addison TX Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry Addison TX

Addison cosmetic dentistry not only perfects your smile, It improves the health of your teeth. It makes your face more attractive. It can help with TMJ issues, and it definitely boosts your self-esteem! What’s more, Addison TX cosmetic dentistry is surprisingly quick and virtually pain-free. Why? Because of advanced dental technology and new oral sedation…