The Advantages of In-Ovation Braces

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At The Addison Dentist, we are proud to provide the latest orthodontic technology. One of our most popular systems for straightening teeth is called In-Ovation.

Let’s talk about In-Ovation braces.

What are In-Ovation braces?

In-Ovation is a brand name for a leading type of self-litigating system.

What is “self-ligating?”

Self-ligating brackets are also called free-sliding. Each bracket is a permanently-attached, moveable device that holds the archwire.

Self-ligating braces use small metal “doors” to hold the wires instead of the elastics used with traditional braces. This provides more incremental, gentle pressure to move teeth.

What are the potential merits of the patient?

  • Fewer adjustments needed
  • Shorter orthodontist visits
  • May cause less friction and discomfort
  • A shorter course of treatment
  • No ligature such as elastics, color bands, or metal wires
  • Easier to clean and practice proper dental hygiene
  • Less likely to trap bits of food that can turn to plaque

Are In-Ovation braces the same as Invisalign?

No. Invisalign uses clear aligners instead of metal or ceramic brackets. With Invisalign treatment, you switch aligners every couple of weeks as your teeth shift into place.

Can I eat anything I want with In-Ovation braces?

No. You need to avoid the same foods you need to avoid with traditional braces. Protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment by eating a healthy diet and practicing proper oral hygiene. This includes limiting snacks between meals. Be aware that highly-acidic foods and beverages can damage enamel.

Fun fact: Self-ligating braces have been around for a while. Though they are sometimes touted as “new”, the first patent for a self-ligating bracket was filed by Charles E. Boyd in 1933.

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