Mini Dental Implants

mini dental implants and tooth implants in Addison TXAre you missing teeth? Do you find that you are avoiding socializing because you are embarrassed about the gaps in your smile? Would you like to find a permanent, beautiful solution? Dr. Ramirez at The Addison Dentist can offer you several solutions – one is mini dental implants. You may have heard of a dental implant. Mini dental implants are very similar to a traditional dental implant.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Like traditional dental implants, mini dental implants are small titanium rods that are inserted into your jawbone. Once the rods fuse with the jawbone, they become “new” tooth roots. With mini implants, the biggest difference is the placement of the rod must be more precise. Mini implants are great for people who have limited jawbone. While a traditional dental implant can be placed in regular jawbone, mini implants are specifically designed to be used for people who have less bone or damaged bone.

The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

  • Mini dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth. One mini dental implant or several mini implants can be used to replace missing teeth.
  • tooth implants and mini dental implants in Addison TXMini dental implants are very sturdy. You will probably have your mini implants for the rest of your life.
  • Mini implants are restored with beautiful porcelain crowns. These dental crowns look just like natural teeth. The dental crowns also function just like regular teeth, so you can eat the foods you enjoy. Mini implants combined with dental crowns also feel like natural teeth. They make your mouth feel “complete” and full.
  • Using mini implants and dental crowns means your mouth looks full and natural. When you have missing teeth, often your face can look haggard, sunken in and older. With mini dental implants, your face can look much younger!

Questions? Looking to Schedule a Consultation? Contact The Addison Dentist About Mini Dental Implants

If you have wanted a dental implant, but felt you wouldn’t qualify for them due to insufficient jaw bone mass, call, text, or email The Addison Dentist! We are happy to educate you more about mini dental implants or to schedule a consultation with you. Our incredible team is ready to give you a smile you will love!