Time To Upgrade Your Smile?

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Have you thought about upgrading your smile? Cosmetic dentistry offers many wonderful possibilities for Addison residents. The quickest and least invasive procedure is light teeth whitening. The results are dramatic and teeth whitening side effects are minimal. If your teeth are slightly crooked but require no orthodontic work, porcelain veneers could be the answer. Porcelain…

Worried About Dental Visits?

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“How can I manage anxiety about visiting the dentist?” 1. Consider what the anxiety stems from. For example pain, injections, loss of control, personal space invasion, embarrassment about fear of the unknown. 2. Discuss these fears and concerns with your dentist. 3. Expect respectful consideration and open discussion about resolving fears. Dr. Jordana Contrucci has…

Replace Old Silver Fillings

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Superficial cuts in the skin disappear without a trace, infections are killed with antibiotics, broken bones mend, and inflamed tissues abate. Our teeth, unfortunately, can’t regenerate. Decay can be halted in its progress, but scientists are still years away from actual enamel regeneration. That’s why the team at The Addison Dentist strongly emphasizes preventative dentistry.…

How Long Will A Dental Crown in Addison TX Last?

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Endodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists will use a dental crown in Addison TX for many restorative treatments. A crown adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured, a crown can correct bite misalignment and is usually necessary after a root canal. In a dental implant procedure, attaching the crown to…

What Is Necessary For A Dental Crown?

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Dental crowns have been around for millennia and are still used to restore smiles today. Ancient dentists used ivory, bone, and seashells to make crowns for teeth. Evidence of gold crowns dates from 200 A.D. Porcelain crowns appeared in the 1800s. With the advancement of metal casting techniques in the 1900s, crown technology took a…

Crown Or Veneer?

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I am Adeyinka Anyaegbu of The Addison Dentist in Addison.  The Addison Dentist offers multiple cosmetic dental procedures for creating unforgettable smiles. Two of the most popular procedures are dental crowns and porcelain veneers. Many patients don’t understand the difference between the two. Generally, a crown strengthens a compromised tooth while a veneer is used…

6 Ways Dental Crowns Restore Dallas Smiles

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Dental crowns have been around a long time, but they continue to play an important role in Addison cosmetic dentistry. A dental crown, often called a cap, covers the visible part of the tooth. Dental crowns are used for several problems common among Dallas cosmetic dentistry patients: An old crown that is damaged or ill-fitting…